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So..if everyone could like..send me all the art work they have of their OC/s over skype that would be awesome because there are so many of them and going through everyones blogs is a HUGE task. Q n Q  So yeah.. If you could do that.. that would be AWESOME.

Skype name: Miyu-RP

[[Pouncing Lessons with Orrick and Lucky O u O Happy Birthday Max & Damian

Also.. I can’t draw Lucky or Orrick today hahaha.]]





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ooc; Will post Pottermore Babies throughout the day. O u O; I used different color palettes for them so yeah.. Some of the combos where harder to work with than others. -is bad with color palettes-
I’m not getting these done nearly as fast as I want.. My stomach is bugging me and I’m still tired.. so I’m probably gonna go back to bed. Expect Dono and Deth next (I’ve been putting them off so long. D: )


ooc; Was going to post this later with the Pottermore dump..but it’s too precious. xD

Darn it mother..

"Jace, it really isn’t that bad on you.”
ooc; Was going to post this later with the Pottermore dump..but it’s too precious. xD
[[posting this here and will add a bit of background story to it later.]]
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O n O “…But it wouldn’t be any fun if you weren’t going.”






And yet he figured nobody would realize he was missing anyways, or that he even went. It wasn’t important and if most, Jace figured Lucky would have a group of friends around here, friends that he wasn’t about to come near and associate with. But for the other to stop bothering him for now, he nodded. “..Fine…I’ll think about it..” He said, to be neutral, even if he knew what was gonna happen anyways.

Lucky smiled at just that, it was better than a no. “Alright, So..Say you do go.. Any idea what color dress I should wear? I mean.. I wouldn’t want to wear anything that would clash with what you might wear.” Looks at him, trying to figure out what color would look best on him and such.

I packed very light..Any color would probably work for you..if this is a ball…I might go simple with black and white, unless given wise I’m suddenly given a very horrid looking pink coat..

“That seems like you…packing light I mean. Says a lot about you. Ah, well..I’m sure you could work any color as well! Being as cute as you are!” Smiles, “Alright….so we will aim for simple black and white then.” Ends up hugging him, “Oh! I’m so excited! Last year was no fun since I was sick.”

I only need clothing, books and owl food..so it’s nothing to pack up big for..-Patting her back lightly.- …Not cute..-He bluntly stating, since he was starting to very much dislike the very word with everyone saying the same thing. -..You should wear what you want…- He commented, since he’d never know what outfit was given to him from his mother and last year he didn’t even bother to go near the Yule Ball, it wasn’t his liking and not like he was invited either.

"I suppose. And anything you suddenly need you could probably get anyways." laughs when he retorted about not being cute, "Right, sorry…Of course not. You’re…charming.”  Lets go and thinks again, “Oh? But…  I want to at least match decently. So people know I’m at the ball with you and stuff. It’s what I want.”